Are you backing up your PC? Don’t lose your photos, tax info and important documents

Lately, Windows 10 upgrades have had their share of issues with some people losing data. Bad enough that we need to worry about malware, viruses and ransomware, but now we have to worry about Microsoft or other vendors deleting or corrupting our data?!

Be smart!

Backing up your PC is important. Sure, you do it once in a while and it’s on that disk in your desk… but wait, where is that backup if there is a flood, fire or theft?

Use iDrive to backup your data securely and encrypted to the cloud… miles away from your house AND it does it automatically. You don’t have to remember to do backups anymore. Within minutes, iDrive can have a copy of your most recent files stored safely in the cloud – need to go back to a previous version? iDrive can help you with that too.

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